Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Turning Point

S&P Weekly Chart
This tool gives an accurate forcast for turns in the market, wouldn't you say?

The U.S. Dollar Index- Daily Chart
This is a normal correction, not a reversal. People seem to think that today was a game changer- not the case.

The VIX- Daily Chart
We are at extreme levels of complacency. Would you be buying stocks at this point? No way!

S&P- 4 hour chart
The target zone = 1328-1335.


  1. you've been calling for an "imminent reversal" since 1240ish. terrible. all the shorts are decimated with your help.

    1. I follow a few forecasters and whilst you are correct that he is wrong, I could list several other people who have been forecasting for many years that are wrong too. This has been the strangest rally that has defied all common sense I have ever seen. I shorted at 1270 and have now pulled to the sidelines with a re-entry at 1292. I don't blame anyone because all the technical indicators lined up to say SELL. I appreciate Darah's work which I think is excellent. Keep up the good work. I agree the market turn down is imminent. Expect a waterfall crash. I am now following this rally.