Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Charts

S&P Daily Chart
The Larger Rising Wedge pattern should be complete with a break of the lower trendline.

S&P Weekly Chart
The cycle research suggests a sell-off of some sort. It remains to be seen whether the October lows will hold, but it is my expectation that they will be tested.

The Dollar Index- Daily Chart
The dollar finds its daily cycle low anywhere between 18-28 days. We are currently in the timing band for a cycle low.

Elliot Wave Count
Just a few more wiggles higher and we're done. This assumes the pattern should complete itself early next week.

Long-term Elliot Wave Count
Scenario 1
The more bearish outlook.

Long-term Elliot Wave Count
Scenario 2
This scenario assumes that a global QE has been implemmented.

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